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Toby's Rug Cleaning in Liverpool - Perfect For Any Home or Office

Get a rug cleaning service in Liverpool specially tailored to what will suit your fabric best. Toby's Carpet Cleaners use the latest modern tools to remove stains and refresh whatever kind of piece or pieces you have. Here's how:

We'll start by clearing all items away from your rugs so we can see them in their entirety. Following this, we pre-treat any and all stains to ensure the best chance at full removal. And then we proceed with the main body of your service, delivered using either dry cleaning or hot water extraction equipment depending on what will give your fabric the most effective cleanse.

Get a free quote on this highly efficient service, or book now, on 020 3746 5338. There'll be someone here to assist you 24/7, and you can likewise find assistance online - simply contact us whenever you're ready!

Why Hire Toby's Professional Rug Cleaners in Liverpool?

  • You have access to the best in high quality treatment: we offer both dry cleaning and steam cleaning expertise
  • Your stains get treated first: unlike many rug cleaners in Liverpool, we don't charge extra for stain removal
  • Convenient booking facilities: staffed by friendly advisers 24 hours a day, every day
  • Monday-Sunday appointment options: choose the most convenient time for your service to happen
  • Air mover and Scotchgard hire: as optional extras for you to create the perfect service to match your needs
  • You get money-off your order: on bookings for multiple properties, or when you combine your service with your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning
  • Experienced personnel means quality results: but we cover you with full insurance protection anyway!

Specially Designed Rug Cleaning Services

Which is the Best Treatment For Your Fabric?

We'll help you decide. Most commonly, we recommend using our dry cleaning powders on natural materials, and hot water extraction tools on synthetic ones.

Can We Help Your Material Dry Faster or Stay Clean?

Yes we can! We offer air mover hire to speed the drying process, and optional Scotchgard protection to let you hold off on ordering more professional rug cleaning services for longer.

Will We Be Working in Your Home or Office?

It doesn't matter - you'll still be getting the same advanced cleansing! We're equally adept at treating valuable Oriental or Persian rugs in your own home as we are modern blended materials in your office or commercial property.

The Trained Expertise You Need For Your Fabric

We want you to be able to put your feet up and relax once you've hired us for cleaning your rugs in Liverpool. So here's what we do:

Your service will always be conducted by a trained, qualified, and experienced professional. They'll arrive promptly and in a neat uniform for easy identification. And you'll be covered by full insurance at all times.